Friday, 28 August 2015

Maintaining a Summer Glow

I’ve never really been one for fake tan. Not sure if it’s the risk of being a streaky, orange mess that has put me off or maybe I’m just too lazy, either way I’ve kind of learnt to embrace my pale tones. Until recently that is. Whilst holidaying in the South of France (oh how I long to be back there) I actually managed to develop a decent tan (!!).  But after a week or so back in Perth’s winter, things started to look a whole lot less glowy.

To help maintain the tan I’d quickly become a fan of, I decided to reach for a gradual tanning moisturiser. This one from Jergens has been in my collection for a fair while now but just never really found its way into my regular routine. I started off using just a little mixed in with usual body moisturiser (still couldn’t shrug that fear of looking tangoed) which is a great option for those a little afraid like myself. This approach was working well but my hunger to be even more bronzed was growing, and I ended up going all out, using it alone on a daily basis (eek!) and I love the result! It’s such a simple little addition to my routine and I’m always pleasantly surprised when a jumper-free day rolls around and I can whip out some bronzed limbs. Oh, and there’s no funky scent or streaky orange limbs in sight, win!

Who knows what’s next? Let’s just say Xen Tan has made its way in to my shopping cart…

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