Sunday, 23 August 2015

Beauty Chores that are So Worth It

You know those beauty related tasks that are forever popping up on your To-Do list but you never feel all that enthused to complete them? I hear ya. But it turns out, like oh too many things in life, those not so fun things are kind of a necessity, darn. I’ve come to realise that keeping up with those little chores as soon as they make there way onto your To-Do List is so worth it in the long run. Here’s the low down on the ones making it to the top of my list.

Eyebrow Maintenance. Only one word needed here – Ugh. Surely no one enjoys eyebrow maintenance, right? Waxing, tweezing, threading… whatever your method of choice none are exactly bundles of joy. But you know those times when you’re getting a little lazy and have put tackling those stray hairs off and off and off, then one day you wake up with some semi-werewolf-esque caterpillars? Really not a good look. Mine seem to grow back with ridiculous speed and it’s so not cool. But to save my making a trip to the beauticians on a bi-weekly basis (not too sure how my bank balance would feel about that) I’ve taken to a daily maintenance approach. Plucking out the stray hairs here and there makes for a much less painful option compared to a half hour over haul (we’ve all been there, right?). It also means less trips to the beautician and more money in your pocket. Win win.

Full Body Hydration, Daily. I’ve always thought to myself how amazing daily moisturised skin must feel, but never quite got around to trying it myself. I’m more of a post-shave moisturiser or the odd Sunday evening pamper indulge, but recently I’ve really put in the effort to up the hydration. Every single day, post-shower I’ve been slathering on whatever body moisturiser I can get my hands on, and have been absolutely loving the results. I’ve even upped the anti and thrown in a gradual tanner for a little extra glow. The result? Soft, supple skin which a much more even tone, definitely one to keep up.

Brush Washing. Now we all know the importance of clean makeup brushes, right? Those things are a real breeding grounds for all kinds of things you don’t want anywhere near your skin. Thinks looking a little congested in the skin department? Wash those brushes! Not only does regular washing take care of those nasties, it also makes makeup application so much nicer. Do you need anymore convincing? I didn’t think so. And for those wondering, my makeup brush cleansers of choice are Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soaps.

What beauty chores have you found to be well worth the effort?

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