Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Exercise and Weight Loss: No Gym Membership Required

A little while back now I spoke about my healthy habits, the small daily changes I was making to improve my general lifestyle. Fast forward six months or so and the whole 'healthy lifestyle' thing is really starting to make an impact. I've never been one to be particularly strict diet wise, the odd sneaky treat is A-OK with me, but as they always say- moderation is key.

I started small with the odd veg-filled smoothie or extra serving of greens with each meal and I really fell in love with healthy foods.  I was shocked at how tasty a healthy, vegetarian meal could be and how much I enjoyed fuelling my body. My quest for a more energised, healthy body soon led me into exercising. Not quite ready to lock myself into a gym membership just yet, I turned to some 'from-home' options. I've discovered a whole heap of fitness sites/videos and even Instagram accounts that help keep me motivated and they're completely free to enjoy from the comfort of your own home! That means no judgemental looks when I struggle to complete push up number five. Upper body strength is really not my thang. Yoga mat and water bottle at the ready, it's time to get into shape from the comfort of your lounge room.

Shed Fat on Instagram- Amazing to follow for a mid day kick in the butt to fit in a little exercise. A range of little circuits you can complete at home, heck you could even do them in the office if you don't mind being a little schweeeaaty (just don't forget the deodorant!). They've got a range of 'Night Exercises' which are great for those super busy days when you haven't managed to jam a work out in earlier. An incredibly fit couple, these guys have created more than 360 free workout videos with an extra 3-6 uploaded weekly. Now that's impressive. Whether you want something for your arms, legs, abs or something low intensity or high, there's sure to be something to suit. My personal favourite is their 5 Day Challenge to Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle. It's extremely painful but so worth it. One I've revisited time and time again. They've also got a super handy search function on their site which allows you to find your ideal workout based on time, calories burnt, difficulty and more.

Yoga with Adriene- For my 'taking a break from Fitness Blender' days when I'm after something a little lower intensity but equally painful. Adriene's Yoga for Weight Loss will clear up those 'yoga is easy' rumours within minutes- boy did it hurt to laugh the next day. 


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