Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Holiday Planning Tips

A post exam treat is on the cards for my boyfriend and I. Four hours after our final exam for the year we'll be hoping on the plane to Singapore and a week later, Kuala Lumpur. Much holiday planning has ensued and it time things on the blog got a little holiday-centric. Think inflight skincare routine, multi-tasking holiday beauties and carry on essentials. It's all in the works. I can't be the only one that gets completely over involved in holiday preparation. Holiday themed YouTube videos are my fodder of choice and lists are begun way, way in advance.

Today I'm coming at you with my top holiday planning tips. Now by no means am I a travel expert but I have most definitely caught the travel bug. In true Virgo style I love the opportunity to organise just about anything and here's my favourite resources for when holiday time comes around.

TripAdvisor is your best friend- I can not imagine choosing a hotel without the help of TripAdvisor. On my trip to Thailand last year I stayed in 5 different hotels, all found through TripAdvisor and all amazing (check out the pics here). You can arrange hotel listings by budget, location, lifestyle.. it really is an amazing resource. The forum section is also super helpful, either reading through everyone else's feeds or posting your own question- the community are so incredibly helpful!

Skyscanner is a pretty close second- the minefield of flights can be a difficult one to navigate, finding the cheapest option on the day/time that suits you best. Step in Skyscanner. A website and app that allows you to search a number of different airlines for the cheapest result. My favourite thing is searching 'destination: everywhere' and planning countless different trips, so sad.

Plan, plan and plan but leave some spare time- I think this is such an important thing to keep in mind. Depending on the style of holiday you're going on, it's understandable for you to want to plan just about everything, but it's important to keep some spare time. By all means make a list of all the attractions and activities you want to see and do but save time for those little experiences you can't plan. Venture off the beaten path and explore the real culture of where ever you're visiting, it's often how the best memories are made.


  1. Have a nice Holiday! I love Singapore :)

  2. I definitely agree with planing but leaving spare time. When you're actually there so many things could pop up that you didn't know about, or even just bonus time to explore the city.

  3. TripAdvisor is the best when it comes to planning holidays!
    Planning countless different trips sounds like me - always becoming obsessed with holidays and planning and dreaming... haha


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