Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunshine Ready

Shoes- Cotton On, Sunglasses- River Island through ASOS, Nail Polish- Essie Mint Candy Apple, Maybelline Eternal Lilac
With temperatures in the high 20's we are well and truly in to Spring here in Australia. The days are full of sunshine and it's no longer acceptable to wear jeans on the daily *queue some much needed leg attention, read: winter coat removal*. Pins are stripped back to their hair free state ready to shine in all their white-as-snow glory, just me? It's definitely time to step up the hair removal game and experiment in a little faux glow to make my pins anywhere near 'sunshine ready'.

Starting on the hair removal front, I'm firmly sat in the razor camp. A bit of a wimp when it comes to waxing, eyebrows are about as much as I can bare, and I've never had much success with hair removal creams. I usually just opt for the cheap disposable options as I've never seen a difference compared to the more expensive offerings, but if there's one you'd recommend please let me know! Shaving foam wise I'm guilty of just reaching for whichever body wash I've got going at the time but definitely notice the difference when I use something like Gilette's Satin Care. A much closer shave and smoother limbs for longer. If things are feeling particularly dry I'll reach for a shaving oil such as this one by Palmer's which I've done a little review on here.

With the hair situation under control it's time to move on to the Snow White-esque appearance. I've never been one to be too concerned with the whole tanning thing in the past but for some reason this year, I'm determined to have a little summer glow. Knowing all about the dangers of too much sun exposure, a faux glow is the only way to go. To ease my tan-newb self into the whole thing I've opted for a gradual tanning moisturiser. This one from Garnier has proved to be pretty user-friendly, not as dark as some I've used in the past and none of the tell-tale dark smears, nice. After just a days use things are noticeably more bronzed and after a few days in a row a nice little tan has really built up. Definitely a good one for any other tan newbies out there.

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  1. The pastel polishes are so gorgeous! I love baby blue and lilac in the summer months too.

  2. I think they look lovely, especially with a tan! x

  3. Try the Schick Hyrdo silk razor, the replacement heads are bit on the expensive side ($17 I think for 5 but Priceline often does good deals so I grab them then) but its amazing! I only need to shave once a week (if that!) when using it and the heads last for ages (I only just changed mine after replacing it in March). Even when I am shaving in a hurry it does an amazing job and I find I don't need to moisturise afterwards (I still do most times though).

  4. Oo thanks for the recommendation, Erin! Sounds really great, will have to check it out next time I'm in Priceline xx


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