Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Simple Skincare Routine

Sometimes a super simple, tailed back routine is just what your skin needs. It’s easy to fall in to the trick of purchasing every raved about skincare product in the blogging world and slather on every possible combination daily but really, is that what your skin needs? I’ve found personally that using a minimal combination of products that you know work well for your skin (not what works well for that blogger that has enough skincare to last 3 lifetimes or posts the most amazing photos) is the key to keeping skin in tip top condition. I’m all for mixing up my skincare based on the day-to-day state of my skin but I think sticking to a semi-permanent routine with a good rotation of products is vital.

My usual skincare routine features a simple 4 steps with a few products on rotation in each with the odd mask thrown in 2-3 times a week (more on those another day).

Step 1. Cleanse. In the morning I’m a quick mover and opt for a single cleanse with something light just to remove that lovely shiny layer (you know the one). Some of my favourites are Pai’s Camellia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser for when things are looking good but if I’m heading in to pimple season (otherwise known as that time of the month), I’ll opt for Ren’s ClearCalm 3 Clay Cleanser. When the evening cleanse time rolls around (heads up, for me that’s as soon as possible after I walk through the door- why leave that makeup/grime/sweat on your face any longer than necessary?) I’m a double cleanse convert. Round one to remove the aforementioned makeup/grime/sweat and round two to really ‘purify’ those pores. A cleansing balm is my go-to for cleanse one and at the moment I’m loving Clinique’s Take Off the Day offering. For round two Ren’s Clay offering usually makes a reappearance or Elemental Herbology’s Bio-Cellular SuperCleanse.

Step 2. Toner. Once again in the morning I opt for a single tone, evening, double. Hydration is the aim of the game in the morning with Sukin’s Hydrating Mist Toner my usually pick unless things are looking angry and congested in which case I opt for Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir (I wish this stuff wasn’t so damn pricey!). I’ve talked all about my evening double tone here if you want the lowdown behind each step but the current lineup is Clarin’s Exfoliating Toner followed my Elemis’ Apricot Soothing Toner.

Step 3. Serum. Now here’s a step that really varies depending on what’s happening with my skin. If things are looking rather normal a little hydration help from Hydraluron never goes astray. On my more spotty days La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo is a good option or for days when things are looking a little lack-lustre and my complexion needs a little ‘oomph’ I’ll reach for Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening and Tone Correcting Serum.

Step 4. Moisturise. Last but definitely not least, this is the step that I like to think of as a shield for my skin, locking in all the goodness and protecting from any harsh environmental conditions. I’m currently using Antipode’s Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream both morning and night, if you find a good thing why not use it all you can? With my oily skin type I find that I don’t tend to need anything too heavy overnight so a day cream works just fine. This step can also be replaced with an oil if you find one that works well for you, rosehip is a good one if you suffer with scaring, or you can even use both if your skin can handle it.

 What an absolute monster post! I hope it has helped some of you a bit, even if just to reassure you that it’s ok not to love a product just because ‘everyone’ else does. Obviously I’m still a beauty blogger at heart and I’ll never bore of reading skincare product review after skincare product review but it’s always important to keep your own skin in mind. Just because it works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Developing a trusted skincare routine is all about listening to your own skin and working out the ingredients that do, or don’t, work for you. If there’s a new cleanser on the scene that all the best bloggers are raving about but it contains shea butter and you know that breaks you out like a b*tch, then don’t feel obliged to jump on the bandwagon! Remember, do what’s best for your skin and take anything you hear with a pinch of salt.


  1. I completely agree with this, I've had bad skin for so long and recently I've stripped back my whole routine and started using cetaphil to wash my face. It's made such a diifference. Definitely going to be checking out the mist toner and effaclar duo after reading this :) x


  2. I use the mist toner too - so easy and convenient to use! I love mist sprays. The vanilla pod hydrating cream is so lovely, I just did a review on it and have been using it everyday!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

  3. It's crazy the difference sticking to a simple skincare routine makes isn't it! I think you'd love the effaclar duo and a mist toner is always a lovely addition xx

  4. Thanks Alice! Once you find something that works for you it's important to make the most of it xx

  5. Love a good mist spray! I'll have to check out your review xx

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