Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Super Simple Smokey Eye

As a once self-confessed eyeshadow-phobe, I slowly progressed in to eyeshadow-newb territory but now feel like I'm a seasoned eyeshadow wearer. By no means am I a professional but having slowly made it's way in to my daily rotation I feel like I now know my way around an eyeshadow palette or two and I can proudly say I love it. I may even have purchased the absolute cult favourite Naked palette recently, oops, but more on that another day. I've even been embracing a subtle smokey eye on a day to day basis and recently stumbled across this super simple pairing. The Laura Mercier Bonne Mine palette wasn't getting much love for me cheek wise so I opted for a switch up.

I found the glow veils to be absolutely perfect for an eyeshadow base. The lighter one more of a day time friendly route whilst the slightly deeper one is great for something a little bit more, ya know? Easily applied sans brush however for this look I like to use a flat-ish eye brush to really pack on the colour. Gorgeous on their own or to smoke things up a bit and create that 'I put in heaps of effort for a super sophisticated smokey eye when really I didn't' look I take the shade Faint from my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and blend in to the outer corner. A deep matte brown shade, it doesn't add anything too in your face but helps create that extra depth and oh so sexy definition (well, at least I try). Finish off with lashings and lashings of your favourite mascara for a feminine flutter. My mascara of choice is Maybelline's HyperCurl Volum' Express.

If you're feeling up to it a little liner is also a lovely addition. Something like Daniel Sandler's Velvet Waterproof Liner in brown or simply your matte brown eye shadow smudged in to the top and bottom lash lines adds something a little extra to the look.

Super simple and can be pulled off in under two minutes. What more could a girl want?



  1. Hi Anna, love the eye shadow palettes and the instructions for a smokey eye.

    I have nominated your blog for the very Inspiring Blogger Award, please see my post for the details. Great Blog!

  2. I've never seen this mascara before! Is it a new release or discontinued?

  3. Aw thanks Angela! I'll check out your post now x

  4. I picked it up in Thailand and have only been able to find it on Asian Maybelline sites. I think it's just not sold very widely. It's lovely if you can get hold of it though! x

  5. The Naked Basics palette is a classic!


  6. Such a staple in my makeup collection xx

  7. I keep debating on if I need the naked basics palette, its so lovely though
    Allison from

  8. I think you do ;) haha it's lovely xx


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