Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Almost Reds

Rimmel Salon Pro Hip Hop, Rimmel 60 Second Coralicious

After a little root through my nail polish stash that other day on the hunt for a shade similar to the one Estée is sporting here, I realised I own a fair few 'almost red' shades. Not quite a classic red but they wouldn't really fall under the pink umbrella either, I've bundled them in to a category of their own. They don't get nearly enough love in my stash considering the amount I have, I could barely remember the last time I'd slicked one on so I vowed to give them a little more love.

I think I've come to prefer them on my tootsies however I have been known to sport them up top on one of my more daring days. They look great with a tan, girls heading in to summer may wish to keep that in mind. If you're not up for such a vibrant colour but want to try an 'almost red' then don't fret, I have got just the trick for you. Simply take an uber light milky pink (think Rimmel's English Rose) and apply a really light cover over the top of your 'almost red'. It tones things down to a more pastel, everyday-friendly level. Much easier to sport.

Be sure to pop a pic on Instagram if you try this trick yourself and tag me (@annablush), I'd love to see!


  1. I love these colours! Definitely a good one for summer :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. I love these shades and own both :P I'm not a huge fan of the Salon Pro formulation though.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  3. It's a nice advice you have there :) these colors look great even on their own. :)

  4. I love off reds! I've been looking for a coral toned one so I'll definitely have to go and grab myself this rimmel one
    great post x

  5. Thanks Jasmin :) x

  6. Oh no! I really love the formula xx

  7. Haha thanks Diana! x

  8. Thanks Roseybelle, they sure do! xx

  9. I hope you like it! Thanks Molly xx

  10. Love these colours, they are like a summer alternative to "red" great post x

  11. I was planning on wearing Mac Lady Danger for a wedding at the weekend but I couldn't decide which nail polish, I think I have found 2 possible options!

    Thank you!

    And great advice about the lighter colour underneath, will definately need to try this!



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