Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lust Have It May 2014

This month's Lust Have It box* arrived on time! Only a few weeks after last months particularly late box (let's not talk about that anymore) and I'm a lot happier with the content this month. No sample sachets in sight, every single product is full size, definitely better value for money! There was also a little note included which explained that the plastic makeup pouches they sent out last month hadn't arrived in time for this round so we were instead issued with a $20 off voucher. I'd actually much prefer the box to come in a plain cardboard box with some nice tissue paper like it did this month, especially if the content is this good!

The two things I'm most excited by this month are the Premium Spa Face & Body Mask ($14.99) and The Cosmetic Kitchen Pure Mineral Blush ($34.95). I've never used a face and body mask before so I'm looking forward to giving that a whirl, and as for the blush, you know how I feel about a little somethin' somethin' on the cheeks. The shade is Strawberry and upon first swatch looks like a nice, natural glowy shade. As for the mask it's meant to purify and condition skin with pure kaolin clay, rosehip, olive leaf extract and witch hazel. I'm a little afraid to put something suitable for my body on my face but we'll see how I go.

The other product I was happy to receive was the Coral Colour's Eye Quartet in Vibrant Forest ($7.95). Whilst I'm fairly certain the green shade will never make it's way to my eye lid, the other shades are really lovely, every day, neutrals. Plus, they feel lovely and creamy when swatched. Could possibly be on to a great bargain buy here.

The two final products that were a little miss rather than a hit with me were the Coral Colour's Eyebrow Definer Pencil ($7.95) and Mary Kay Lip-Lacquer ($22). I'm not one to fill in my eyebrows so the pencil won't get much use and the lip lacquer just feels sticky and reminds me of the first makeup I had at about the age of 10, you know the stuff.

Misses aside I was really happy with this month's box, definitely better value than previous months have been. What did you think?



  1. Ya I'm hesitant as well to trying "face and body" products... it's usually either too light and doesn't do anything for the body, or too heavy on the face. :/ Good luck haha


  2. I feel the same! I think I may just stick to body use, such a wimp! x


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