Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pink Cheeks

With my recent foray in to the world of bronzer I've been keeping things on my cheeks rather bronzed and au naturel. But for days when I've needed a slight perk up and bronzer alone just won't cut it I've been opting for a pink blush. Usually I'm a coral blush kinda girl through and through but there's just something about bronzed cheeks with pale pink apples that has really been floating my metaphorical boat recently. With both a highstreet and high end offering making their way in to my daily rotation there's something for all budgets.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush Santa Rose: First up the cheaper but by no means lesser offering from Rimmel. A gorgeous natural pale pink, I'd actually say this is more pigmented than it's high end counter part down below. It's got the slightest hint of shimmer but nothing that transfers to the cheeks making it perfect to add a really natural hint of colour. My daily choice for simply dabbing right on the apples of my cheeks. Soft, pigmented and long lasting, packaging aside this really could be a high end blush. Perfect for anyone just getting in to makeup or those with a blush phobia thanks to it's super forgiving formula and shade.

Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour Soft Peach: Wowee what a name. And what amazing packaging. Clarins really know how to make a girl feel luxe and this blush really is no exception. The silver packaging and cute red pouch are gorgeous, an absolute nightmare for fingerprints though. Packaging aside let's talk blush. The inclusion of two shades gives you a bit of flexibility between the dark and light. The lighter of the two isn't particularly pigmented but is rather shimmery and glowy so more of a highlighter- blush hybrid than blush alone for me. The darker shade packs a bit more of a punch colour wise so a mix of the two works well. It doesn't offer anything amazing though considering the large dent it left in my purse so not one I'd really recommend. Lovely for adding a pink glow but is it something you could easily achieve with a cheaper alternative? Definitely.

What's your favourite pale pink blush? I feel an obsession coming on.



  1. Ooh, very pretty picks. I too am a corally-peachy gal but these soft, natural pinks look lovely. I've heard great things about Santa Rose but am yet to swatch it. I will next time I'm out!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Clarins has the most beautiful packaging ever. I must get my hands on that Rimmel blush though! It looks like it would create such a beautiful natural finish.

  3. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt17 April 2014 at 17:09

    The Clarins blush palette looks cute - have to go and see how it swatches :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. I bought my Mum that Clarins blush and she loves it! My all time favourite pink blush is Dame by MAC, so nice for everyday!


  5. I love the rimmel blushes! Must go and try santa rose it looks like such a pretty colour! xx


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