Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Matte Nails

Recently I've been making the push to try and paint my nails on a more regular basis. I'm a bit of a nail painting floozy as I find they just chip so darn quickly on me. However I'm determined and to spice things up a little I've not only been experimenting with different colours but also different finishes. From the super shiny, gel like nails to my latest dalliance with matte finishes, I'm happy to try them all. Whilst reaching for more of the Autumnal shades in my collection I've noticed that a layer of matte top coat is my preferred accompaniment. Don't get me wrong, I still love the ever so on trend gel nail but there's something just a little chic about a matte finish that I just can't quite tear myself away from.

My matte top coat of choice is Rimmel's Lycra Pro Matte Finish Top Coat. It's the only one I've ever tried but does the job so well that I've never felt the need to experiment with others. The brush is amazing, one of those one stroke per nail jobs and one coat is all you need to turn even the shiniest of polishes matte. The 10 days claim is a little steep but I get a good 3-4 days before things start to chip and some shine breaks through. Shown below over a number of Autumnal shades but girls heading in to Spring, it also looks fab over pastels.

Bourjois 1 Second Polish 28 Red, Barry M CappuccinoEssie Mezmerised, Rimmel Salon Pro Punk Rock 



  1. This sounds great! I bet the Rimmel Matte top coat is really affordable too so it's a great way to get into Matte nails. I'll keep an eye out for it here.

    Sophie x


  2. I love the look of matte nails x


  3. just bought this!

    Such a lovely blog!

    Please could you check out my blog and maybe comment? www.lilysbeautyroom.blogspot.co.uk

    Thankyou it would mean a lot! xox

  4. I actually just ordered Orly Matte top coat just to check it out. I have never had a matte nails! I was quite intrigued by it and here you are posting about it :) The Essie Mesmerized looks interesting, but my favorite is Red by Bourjois :)

  5. It is! I love Rimmel, such an amazing highstreet brand x

  6. Me too! It's nice to try something a little different, isn't it? x

  7. I'd highly recommend this one, it's great for the price :) xx

  8. I'd love to hear how you find the Orly one, it would be interesting to see how the two compare! I hope you like the effect :) x


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