Thursday, 27 March 2014

Lady Jane Colour Bomb Hair Chalk

I was recently given the opportunity to trial Lady Jayne's latest release; Colour Bomb Hair Chalk*. Hair chalk isn't something particularly new to the world of beauty but it is something I've never tried before. Something that is a little different about Lady Jayne's offering is their new unique applicator aimed at easing application and minimising mess. The mess factor was always something that put me off hair chalks in the past so I was pretty excited by this innovation.

Quick note: I'm not the sort of girl brave enough to rock one of these bold colours in the real world so my testing was limited to the confides of my house. Maybe I'd rock them for a music festival, ... maybe.

Hair chalks are a great way to experiment with a little colour without anything permanent. I had heaps of fun testing out the different shades (Rebel Pink, Mystic Green, Candy Lady and Midnight Violet) knowing that it would simply wash away after. To use the applicator you simply insert your colour of choice, clamp on to your hair and pull down in a similar way to straightening. To reduce tugging on your hair I'd recommend holding just above where you want the colour to start with your other hand. The application is still fairly messy but nothing that a towel around the shoulders won't stop. I applied the colours to the ends of my hair for a ombré/dip dyed type effect.

As for the actual colour pay off I was super impressed to start with. The chalk transferred really well and came out quite vibrant on my dark blonde/light brown hair however I found that shortly after application the colour started to dull down a bit and if I touched my hair it would transfer to my hands. Since then I've done a little research and apparently applying a hair spray post application helps lock in the colour and reduce transfer so next time I'd definitely try that trick! I didn't manage to get a picture of the more vibrant colour but you can see how Rebel Pink looks on Sarah from More Then Adored's hair in this instagram. I think that darker haired girls may struggle with getting a really deep colour pay off as this sort of thing is bound to work better on lighter hair colours. Also note that the colour washed out really well from my hair without leaving even so much as a hint of stain on my ombré'd ends which was something I was a little worried about.

I'm looking forward to giving these another try with the hairspray method to see how that works. Next time I've got a quite day at home I'll definitely be reaching for these, will you?



  1. That applicator is a great idea! Hair chalk I've used in the past were really difficult to apply - I always ended up with purple fingers!

  2. I've never tried hair chalk as my hair is dark brown but I'd love to add a bit color for festivals or parties in the summer! x

  3. These look so tempting to try but again, i am not bold enough to carry these off! However candy lady looks the safest of all! x

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  4. I am thinking of dying the ends of my hair lilac, maybe I should road test it with chalk first haha H xx

  5. Sounds really cool! I don't think I'm daring enough to dye my hair any of these colours so it's definitely one way to experiment!

  6. I've seen my sister struggle with chalk everywhere, the applicator is definitely easier! xx

  7. That's a shame! Maybe try these ones xx

  8. Thanks Sarah, it was good fun! xxx


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