Sunday, 23 February 2014

February Favourites

As I spent a large majority of February on holiday in Thailand (snaps coming soon for those interested) my makeup requirements were rather minimal. I stuck to what I knew so it wasn't really a month for makeup discovery's however I did come across a few skincare and haircare gems which is rare for me.

A mere few days into my holiday and I could already see the damage sun, pool and sea was causing my locks. Dry ends needed some serious TLC so I reached for the two most moisture boosting products in my travel toiletry arsenal. Schwarzkopf BC Repair and Rescue Intense Leave in Treatment was spritzed on freshly washed hair as well as at regular intervals between washes to detangle and nourish. Post wash and detangle I reached for Phyto 7's Hydrating Day Cream, smoothing it through the very ends of my hair. Probably not the best for fine hair due to it's rather heavy cream formula but my holiday hair soaked it right up.

The two skincare  pieces I loved this month were both new to the ranks, Elemis' Soothing Apricot Toner and La Roche Posay's Anthelios XL SPF 50+. The Elemis toner was promptly slotted into the hydrating stage of my usual Toner Time Duo, it's calming, radiance boosting properties were perfect for my skin post sun exposure. Perfect for calming redness and refreshing skin morning and night. Being on a summer holiday made using a daily SPF absolutely necessary to protect my skin from sun damage. La Roche Posay's offering was perfect for me; lightweight, didn't cause any breakouts, non-greasy and it's high SPF and UVA and UVB protection meant I didn't get burnt once- exactly what you need.

Now the two makeup bits that were the stars of my effortless holiday face, for day's when I wasn't simply lounging around the pool, makeup free. Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Creme Blush in Soft Pink was the perfect rosy glow-giver. Water-resistant (read: sweatproof), easy to apply sans brush and adds a gorgeous hint of colour and sheen with no shimmer in sight. Another cream formula that saw some love was Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. Yes, that one again. A sweep of this brings out the blue/green in my eyes and complements a summer glow. Plus it's long-lasting, easy to apply and adds subtle definition, you can read more here.

What products did you love this month?


  1. Love the maybelline colour tattoos :)x

  2. love Maybelline color tattoo so much

  3. Great picks! I really want to try that phyto product xx

  4. I love the color tattoos! i really want to try that hair cream :)!!

    Berrie-Blogs| Beauty Blog

  5. Really wanna try that watercolour creme blush!! H x

  6. Thanks for sharing :)
    My fave products this month are Schwarzkopf extra care ultimate repair shampoo and conditioner :D



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