Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Barely There Pink

Whilst perusing the aisles of Priceline on one of my recent trips I stumbled across the Rimmel nail polish stand.  They'd done me well in the past with both their 60 Second and Kate Moss formula's so I thought I'd see what they had to offer in the area of an Essie Ballet Slipper-esque pink. I ended up making an uneducated, non-researched (very rare for me), rushed (the boy was waiting) purchase and things didn't turn out how I first anticipated. I grabbed the shade English Rose, a nice milky pink, and made a bee line to the exit, paying on the way of course. Fast forward a few hours and I'm home lacquering up in what I thought would be an opaque pink polish. Turns out I didn't really pay attention to what I was buying and had picked up a shade from Rimmel's 'Brit Manicure' range. Dusty Rose is actually a fairly sheer milky pink designed to be paired with white tips to create a French mani from home.

Obviously not quite what I was expecting however not all hope is lost. I've actually fallen in love with Dusty Rose on my nails and it's been gracing them for a large portion of the month. It gives the slightest hint of pink whilst adding a glossy, healthy shine. Perfect for a minimal but polished look for work or school. Plus I find the wear time to be pretty top notch, and when it does eventually start to chip, it's not too obvious thanks to the natural colour.

Not what I was expecting however I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised, maybe sometimes it is good to take a risk.



  1. I like pale pinks! I have a Revlon one that I've had for awhile - it's very subtle which is good sometimes. That was a bit of a rushed buy too now that I think about it. I agree with your last sentence! :)

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

  2. I love a pale pink polish, they require so little maintenance! I'm loving Leighton Denny, 3 Times A Lady at the moment.

    Lottie x


  3. I'm always on a hunt for a light milky pink that would be opaque in 2 coats. I don't know if it even exists. All of them are so sheer and meant to to be used for a french manicure.
    But I'm glad you liked it nevertheless. :)

    Blu Button Box

  4. I love Rimmel polishes. They are such good quality for the price.


  5. I love shades like this! I think they look so pretty and don't require a lot of skill when applying! x


  6. I'm looking for a pretty pale pink polish - this looks lovely! x


  7. I seriously love these so much! I have a bright red one. I was wondering if you have a blog template? thanks! oh and please check out my blog I love yours!


  8. I actually love that milky pink when it glides onto the nails evenly. Sad that I can't pick this up in the States!



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