Saturday, 11 January 2014

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette

Whilst browsing the pages of Kiss and Makeup NY recently, as you do, I came across this little piece of eye candy from Laura Mercier, the Bonne Mine Palette. Translating to 'healthy glow', the palette's five cream based products really do live up to the name. I'm never one to turn down a beautiful palette and priced at $48 I think that's pretty reasonable for five cheek products.

The one bronzer, two cheek veils and two glow veils are aimed at creating that natural, 'no makeup', sunkissed glow. All of the 'veils' are soft, creamy and really easy to blend. The bronzer and two cheek veils are matte however being a cream formula means that have a lovely dewy finish. The glow veils both have hints of shimmer however I don't find them to look un-natural on the skin at all.

Recently I've loved using the bronzer veil in the typical 3 shape down the side of my face with the baby pink cheek veil on my cheeks and the lightest glow veil along the tops of my cheek bones, all applied with my Real Techniques Contour Brush. I find that the bronzer works really well with my pale complexion, not at all too dark or muddy. Both the cheek veils are lovely colours and well pigmented. I find the darkest glow veil is a tad too dark for me to use on an everyday basis however I have worn it on a night out and it worked nicely with a more full on makeup look. I've also used it as a wash of colour for my eyes and that was a look I really liked.

Although the palette is packaged in cardboard it's surprisingly sturdy and features a good sized mirror. It also includes pull out cards which explain how and where each product should be used to create the 'bonne mine' look. I haven't really referred to them much but think they would be useful for someone just starting out with makeup.

A lovely little palette that would be great for travelling, if you were really restrained you wouldn't really need to pack any other cheek products. Just be sure to avoid any really warm conditions because they will start to soften and melt and that could get real messy.


  1. Wow, this looks beautiful, the cheek products and that highlight look gorgeous, I once had a makeover at a Lauara mercier and they used a beautiful highlight similar to glow veil it looked so nice. I love cam textures they look more natural x

  2. lovely palette! cheek veil in the rose shade looks lovely. Like these palettes for travelling a lot.

  3. Love this palette! The colours are amazing and are definitely all you would need if you were to go travelling, I want it!

  4. I love laura mercier products! and this pallet looks fantastic x


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