Monday, 9 December 2013

Innoxa Eye Shadow and Liner Sticks

From top to bottom; Aqua/Green, Grey, Brown/Black, Olive/Green, Pink/Grey, Cream/Purple 
Left to Right; Cream, Pink, Olive, Brown, Grey, Aqua

Left to Right; Purple, Grey, Green, Black, Grey, Green
Over the past year we've seen numerous cream shadows hit the market, some from the high end and some damn good drugstore alternatives. Innoxa have recently joined the party with their new 2 in 1 Eye Liner and Eye Shadow Sticks*. Yes they are yet another cream shadow added to the aisles of Priceline, but listen up, Innoxa's got something a little different up their sleeve with this one and it's a goodin'.

This new offering combines both an eyeliner and shadow all in one handy stick. One end housing a spring loaded cream shadow and applicator whilst the other, a creamy liner, I told you it was something a little different. If you're thinking this sounds like the perfect pairing for a quick and easy smokey eye, you wouldn't be too far from the truth. The creamy texture of both the shadow and liner means things blend with minimal work required, great for eye shadow noobs like myself. I've taken to using the foam applicator to pat on the colour and blend out with my fingers. The liners are so creamy that I've been blending those out with my fingers too, perfect for smoking things up a bit

With six shade combinations in the range there's definitely something for all peepers. I'm loving a combo of Olive all over the lid and Cream as an inner corner highlight at the moment but if I had to pick just one from the bunch, it would have to be Brown/Black. It's just such a classic combination. Having said that though, I think any of the shades would be perfect for throwing in your bag for a day to night makeup touch up. That's if you're brave enough to rock purple liner, in which case, you go gurl. Although these have allowed me to sport some emerald green liner outside the safety of my house, so never say never.

Retailing for $14.95 I think that's a pretty reasonable price for something that will help saviour you some crucial minutes in the morning and still look like you've put in some effort.


  1. Ruby@TotalModisch10 December 2013 at 17:51

    I've never heard of this brand! The olive and brown shades look really nice x

  2. I've never heard of this brand either, but the colours really do look lovely and pigmented. :)


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