Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bath Time with Lush

Like many bloggers around these parts, I love a good pamper. Sunday night, a good magazine, YouTube and a bath is my idea of a good time. The past two Sunday's have been particularly lush (get it? Ok- not funny) with these bath bombs added into the mix. Presents from my friend, who clearly knows me very well, I had the Rose Queen Bath Ballistic and Sex Bomb Bath Bomb.

Both filled the bathroom (and my room beforehand) with that lush scent, no complaints here. The rose one fizzed away spreading rose petals throughout the bath and left the water a lovely pink colour. Super relaxing. Next I tried the Sex Bomb (apparently the sexiest bath you'll ever have alone) which was equally lovely. Filled the water with purple and pink swirls and the room with a lovely relaxing scent.

Bath bombs are such a great addition to any bath and these Lush ones really are amazing for a special treat. They left my skin feeling so soft and me relaxed and ready to fall into bed. The perfect way to spend my Sunday evening.


  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday! Sunday nights are definitely made for pampering. I really like the sex bomb ballistic - it's so pretty and smells lovely! I love the Christmas products Lush have in too!! I'm going to stockpile them so I have them all year round ha

  2. oh my, I just love a good pamper, too! And a hot bath is always a staple and always a winner and when its smelling good its even more a winner ;) I think I'll have to give these bathbombs a sniff, next time I check into Lush. xx Cici

  3. Saturday is my spa day! :3 I loooooove pampering! A hot bubble bath, skincare, nail care and a good show is my idea of a perfect Saturday. :3
    I love the Lush stuff you got!

  4. these look amazing...what a perfect end to the weekend!

  5. I love lush products but I have never tried these two x

  6. I love a good LUSH pamper & treat myself to a few bits every now and then. I haven't tried either of these bath products. The Rose Queen one is nest on my list

  7. Aaaw I am so sad we don't have it but sounds amazing for pamper night:)


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