Thursday, 17 October 2013

On the Go Makeup

I always like to carry with me a small makeup booty for touch ups throughout the day. I have a whopping 10 hours between the time I leave my house and return home from uni every Tuesday so it's days like those that I find touch ups completely necessary! Coming into summer down here in Aus means touch ups are become especially important otherwise I tend to find that by about midday half my makeup has disappeared, nice. 

First up I always like to have a powder on me. For when that damn shine starts to show through, I always reach for Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Seen around these parts many a time before, I'm sure you all know the drill by now. I even penned an ode to it of sorts which you can see here.

I also like to have something to add a hint of colour to both my cheeks and lips. For cheeks I'm loving Bourjois' cream blush in 04 Sweet Cherry and for lips, Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in the shade number 19. For those wanting to streamline their 'on-the-go' bag even more, my last post was all about multi-taking pros so that could come in handy.

Finally, the two less interesting of the bunch. Obviously I can't leave the house without a lip balm, duh, so my Cherry Carmex always gets thrown in. As does this Ecotools mini kabuki brush, the perfect size and works well for both powder and blush.

So there's the 'long-day-at-uni edit' for you all. If I'm heading somewhere a bit more exciting, there's normally a few extra pieces I'll throw in, but I'll save that for another day.


  1. How strange, I just posted a really similar thing about my beauty on the commute! Love the Kate Moss lipsticks.

    Fiona x

  2. Love the Kate Moss lipsticks but I haven't tried that colour.
    Ahh I hate long days like that because you always feel ragged at the end of them.
    Ohh can't wait to see what extra bits you throw in :)

  3. Really nice post. I love finding other beauty bloggers. Good quality blog :D

  4. I absolutely adore this little beauty case! I should probably invest in a little make-up purse like this... the items I carry around during the day normally just get thrown inside/lost in my massive handbag! Lovely post!

    brodu-soup x

  5. great post! Love the Kate Moss lipstick!!! would you like to follow eachother?



  6. Wonderful post hun.. short and sweet.. just the way I like it :0


  7. I love the kate moss lipsticks, i need to pick one up in that color defiantly , thanks for the review, so happy i found your blog, new follower :) xoxo

  8. Love the post! Just followed you! xox

  9. Ruby@TotalModisch25 October 2013 at 18:00

    Pretty lip colour! I use the Stay Matte Powder too :-) x

  10. I use the same brush and powder!! Absolutely love them!


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