Friday, 11 October 2013

Daily Face #6

As the weather starts to change, the days get that bit longer and the sun starts to show itself, of course I've started mixing up my makeup to match. Heading toward that dewy, bronzed summer time look, here's the products I've been reaching for recently.

My skin has been slightly on the spotty side lately so I haven't embraced a light coverage base just yet. Revlon ColourStay teamed with my new Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer has helped hide those nasties. I like to set my base with Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder, focusing on areas that I've concealed to ensure things stay covered all day long.

It's about now that I put on some lip balm to prep my lips for coming colour. Recently I've been reaching for this one by Carmex as it's super nourishing but not too thick for day wear.

For cheeks I've started to embrace the dewy summer glow and have been loving my Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelée by Josie Maran. I have the shade Poppy Paradise, a super pigmented red that when applied lightly, gives a lovely glowy tint to the cheeks. I've also been using this on my lips, patting in to add some subtle colour.

For eyes I've been opting for a really natural look, simply using the shade Venus from the Naked Basics palette dusted over the lid. It's a slightly shimmery creamy colour which I find makes me look much more awake. I like to bring it down into the inner corners too which really helps open up my eyes.

I finish off the look with a swipe of the d.j.v Beautenizer Fibrewig LX mascara for lovely voluminous lashes and we're done!

What products have you been reaching for lately? Are you mixing up your makeup for the change in season?



  1. Lovely makeup.
    I love items that you can use on both your cheeks and lips.
    Recently because my skin has been so dry, I've been staying away from revlon's nearly naked, and I've been using the healthy mix serum. And for my cheeks I haven't been parted from Stila's Lillium.

  2. oh my gosh, where did you get the pump for the revlon foundation? I just picked that up and really like it, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to get out! I really want to try those josie maran cheek gelees! they sound so nice!

    sundays grace beauty

  3. It is fun to mix up your makeup and be inspired by the weather, but you have to stick to your old favourites too! x

  4. Multi use products are amazing, I love the Stila convertible colours! Perfect for lips and cheeks x

  5. Mine came with a pump! I think they repackaged because I had one before that didn't have a pump and it was a nightmare x

  6. I tagged you in a beauty tag. Check out my blog for the questions :D

    Maddy xxx

  7. Thank you! I'll check it out now x


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