Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Weekend Plans: Araluen Botanical Park

I thought it would be nice for me to share some lifestyle-type posts with you all every once in a while starting from today! I know you always get to read my babbles about beauty so you know that side of me quite well but that's about it. I decided on writing 'The Weekend Plans' as that is when most interesting things happen for me! I'd love for you guys to let me know what you've been up to recently in the comments below and we can all get to know each other! And yes, I know this post isn't going up at the weekend but it was meant to but some family things happened so I didn't quite get around to it. But I figured better late than never!

The other day the boy and I packed up our picnic basket and headed in land to a place called Araluen Botanical Garden. Being September and the beginning of Spring here in Australia it's tulip season, my absolute favourite flowers. Araluen is quite well known for its amazing tulip gardens and I have to say, it definitely did not disappoint! They had an unbelievable amount of tulips in so many different colour, it was absolutely stunning. We even got to ride all around the gardens on a cute little train which was really fun.

I had such a lovely day, it was really nice to just relax and practice my photography. The weather was perfect, flowers gorgeous and picnic food yummy!

I hope you like these photos and enjoyed this style of post. It's my birthday tomorrow (finally 18!) so if you'd like to see a post about what I get up to, let me know below. Don't forget to tell me what you got up to last weekend or your plans for next weekend!



  1. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt10 September 2013 at 18:34

    Love the photos with the tulips - so colorful! Xx


  2. Beautiful pictures!Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx

    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

  3. These pictures are beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time! x


  4. Great pictures- and happy birthday tomorrow (mine's on Friday)!


  5. Oh my goodness i'm so jealous. Tulips are my favourite flower! In Queensland it's too hot for the little guys. :( Maybe you could photoshop me into your photos?


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