Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Loving Lately #2

Here's another little round up of some the bloggers and YouTubers I've been loving lately. Please feel free to link your own blog or some of your favourites down below so everyone can check them out!

Lauren from Little Red: I've only recently found this blog but I'm already loving it. Lauren posts a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts which I love for a bit of variety. She has heaps of posts about skincare, my absolute favourite beauty topic!

Gemma from Gemma Means Jewel: This girl has recently made the change to only natural and organic beauty so if you're interested in that, definitely check her out. Even if you're not too fussed over that kind of thing, her posts are still lovely to read. Really well written and once again, lot's of skin care (can anyone else see a pattern here?!). She also has some really great posts about affordable natural skin care, like this one here.

Lillian from Parisian to Be: Another blog with lots of skincare and makeup. Her posts are very informative and interesting and are always accompanied by lovely clear photos.

Helen from Helen Rambles On: Lot's of reviews, favourites and hauls here. She is a British blogger, so I do get jealous of her ease of access to brands such as Soap and Glory, my 'English Wishlist' is forever growing! I love her post about her travel beauty bag, my two favourite topics combined, which you can read here.

Nouvelle Daily: This is my one stop shop for all things beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, DIY and so much more! An online magazine run by Kate from Ghostparties (more on her below), which features multiple new posts everyday. There is literally something for everyone in every mood here, it's amazing!

Kate from Ghostparties: I think I'd have to say that Kate is quite possibly my all time favourite beauty blogger. I could spend hours on both her blog and YouTube, she is literally amazing. She's overcome similar skin problems to those I'm currently facing (oily, problem skin if you wanted to know), so I always take note of anything she recommends skin care related. She also has similar makeup tastes to myself so I usually find myself lusting over most of the products she blogs about. She's so down to earth and her personality really shows through in her YouTube videos which I really like. Definitely check out her YouTube and blog.

Don't forget to leave me some links to check out below.


  1. I've been looking for some new blogs to liven up my life..! Shall be checking them out

    Jenny x


  2. Replies
    1. We must both have great taste! :P x

  3. Thanks, I'll be checking these out :)


  4. Thanks for sharing with us :) I just know ghosparties and nouvelledaily, they're amazing and I also check them almost everyday. I'll be checking the others out too!


    1. I'm sure you will love the others :) x

  5. Thanks for this anna, their blogs look very interesting! and we love your blog too! xx


  6. Thank you for all the recommendations! I love finding other blogs to have a little look at!
    Would love if you'd glance at mine too, of course :) xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

  7. I love when bloggers spread the love! Everyone you mention deserves the praise!


  8. Ive been reading Helen's since the beginning! Love it, great idea for a post :D
    I have just discovered your blog and I am now following :)

    Sophie at SOPHisticatexx


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