Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Another day, another foundation tested. I'm on a hunt to find that infamous 'holy grail foundation'; good coverage, blends easily, has good staying power, a matte but not too matte finish... am I asking for too much? This foundation by Rimmel wasn't 'the one', but that's not to say it was completely dud.

Measuring this foundation up against my 'holy grail' checklist, it doesn't do too well. Good coverage? Not really. Good staying power? Not on my oily skin, even with a powder. A matte but not too matte finish? Definitely not. Blends easily? We have a winner!  However, even with only one box ticked, it's not a complete failure- I think it's just not made for my skin type (oily skin gals, look away now).

Even though it didn't really work well for me, I'll talk you through some of it's better features. It's advertised that this foundation 'adapts to your skin tone and texture' with it's 'smart-tone technology' and I'd have to agree, this it does do. I got this foundation home before realising that the shade I'd picked up looked way too dark but was happy to see that when applied, it did blend in really nicely- no orange face to be seen! So that's a bonus. I also like how it has a pump, keeps things much more hygienic and means you don't end up wasting so much product.

If you've got normal or dry skin and are craving that much sought after dewy glow, then this could be the foundation for you. When first applied, it did look very.. wet(?) but soon toned down to a nice dewy glow. I found it didn't stick around very long on my oily skin, even with powder, however once again, I think that comes down to my skin type.

So overall, if you're oily stay clear but normal or dry, it could be something worth giving a go. It will set you back £6.99 in the UK or $11.50 here in Australia, so pretty average for a drugstore foundation. 

Let me know if you've tried this foundation and how you got on. Also I'd love to here any foundations you think could tick all the boxes on my holy grail check list!


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