Sunday, 10 February 2013

Newspaper Nails

I thought it might be nice for me to feature a tutorial on the blog this weekend and decided to make it something to do with nail art. I love nail art, but hate to admit I'm not great at it, so here's my 'foolproof' nail art idea that everyone can do at home.  All you need is nail varnish in the colour of your choice, newspaper, water and a top coat polish. Now let's get started!

First you need to paint your nails in your choosen colour. For the sake of this tutorial I've used a variety of colours so you can see how the effect looks before deciding what colour you want to use. The colours I've included are (from left to right); Rimmel 60 Seconds in the shade 620 'How Do You Lilac It?', Sally Hansen Inst-Dri in the shade 150 'Petal Pusher', Rimmel Lasting Finish in the shade 145 'Misty Jade', a Revlon Multi Care Base and Top Coat (save that for later) and another Rimmel 60 Seconds in the shade 520 'At Ease'. 

Do enough coats to make opaque (for me that was 2 coats for all colours except 'At Ease' which only took 1). Now wait for your nails to dry- This is very important! Make sure they are completely dry before moving on or the newspaper will stick and make a mess. 

Now once your nails are dry, you need to dip a piece of newspaper into the water, then place on your nail. Apply pressure to the nail for about 15 seconds before removing the paper. You should be left with the newspaper print on your nail. Just remember to peel the paper off slowly and carefully so it doesn't rip. 

Now once all your nails are done, it's time to finish off with a top coat to seal in the print, and then you are done! How easy is that?! And it can be done with stuff you already have lying around your house- no need to spend lots of money! As you can see from the above picture, the print shows up much better over lighter colours however I do still like how it looks over the darker colour, it's great if you're going for a more subtle look. 

I love the effect this techinque gives and think next time I'd like to try it with sheet music. For best results use newspaper with dark print and a pale nail polish colour. If you have a go at this, I'd love to hear how it turns out!



  1. Love your nails! Very creative and lovely pastel colours! X

  2. I love this, the effect is fantastic. I'll definitely be trying this out :)

  3. Love this Idea! Looks really easy! Defiantly going to be giving this a try when I change my nail colour!!

    Pipp xx

    1. It is super easy! I'm glad you like it :) x

  4. I really want to try this now! My friend is always doing cool nail art designs but I can't do it, nor do I have the tools. I can do this now and be like: "ha! I can do this too" :P

    1. Haha yay! I love easy nail art xx


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